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St Faith's CE School

Learning Together For All To Succeed



At St Faith’s, our engaging Science Curriculum develops children's love of learning and nurtures individuals' skills and talents. Children are supported to ‘let their light shine’ (Matthew 5:16) and reach their full potential.


Curriculum Intent

Our aim is for all children to receive a broad, balanced and progressive science education at St Faith’s.


St Faith's science curriculum:

  • Stimulates children’s interest in the world around them

  • Develops children’s skills of scientific enquiry and problem solving

  • Provide a high-quality, broad and balanced science education

  • Builds on knowledge and skills gained from prior learning so pupils progress well, developing the self-confidence to apply their scientific learning

  • Promote a love for science

  • Prepare children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world today 


Curriculum Implementation

At St Faith's, we nurture children’s natural curiosity through exploration, discovery and developing skills of scientific enquiry. The local environment, trips, and practical activities are used to widen children’s horizons and give science a meaningful context.

Our Science curriculum is taught:


  • Using the Engaging Science scheme  to support teaching and ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum

  • Through engaging and well- planned lessons, with opportunities for regular, precise questioning in class to assess conceptual knowledge and skills, and to identify those children with gaps in learning

  • Using a clear progression of skills and knowledge and building on prior knowledge

  • Through the understanding of key vocabulary and building on prior knowledge

  • Through many opportunities for practical work and investigations 

  • By embedding "Working scientifically" skills into lessons

  • By introducing new vocabulary and challenging concepts through direct teaching

  • To support children of all abilities to make progress

  • To challenge children and develop their ability to explain and reason


As well as exciting weekly lessons, science at St Faith’s includes activities such as:


  • Trips, including the Science Museum, farms/zoos and outdoor learning centres, to enhance learning

  • Learning about the life-cycle of chicks by hatching them from eggs

  • Science afternoons with a range of practical experiments such as rocket making, making butter or using lemons as  electricity conductors

  • Cross-curricular activities exploring themes such as climate change and plastic pollution

  • Joining in with live science lessons broadcast across the country

  • Learning about diversity in science e.g. through exploring scientists from different backgrounds

These first-hand experiences enable children to develop their factual knowledge and scientific skills, and gain an understanding of living things, materials, and scientific processes. Each year children build up their scientific knowledge and understanding of concepts, developing the self-confidence and independence to apply their knowledge.

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