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St Faith's CE School

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Saint Faith

‘Through the example of St. Faith, pupils are courageous advocates of change within the local community’-SIAMs 2019

The Story of St Faith 

It is believed that Faith lived in Agen, the French region of Aquitaine in the 3rd and 4th centuries at the time of the Roman Emperor Maximilian.

Christians suffered persecution under the governor, Dacian, a ferocious persecutor. He threatened death to all Christians who would not worship the pagan gods and was put to death by the occupying Roman soldiers.

The Christians of Agen fled to the hills. Bishop Caprasius went with them to protect and minister to his flock. Left in Agen whilst the other Christians had taken refuge in the hills, Faith was summoned before the Governor Dacian, and signing herself with the cross Faith prayed, “Jesus Christ, my Lord, You never forsake those who call upon you. Help your servant, and send me words worthy of the questions I have to answer before this tyrant.”

She listened fearlessly to Dacian’s threats of death, and looking to heaven she said in a clear strong voice, “In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, not only will I not sacrifice to your gods but I am ready to suffer all kinds of torments.” So she was stretched on the fiery bed of torture and died.

The people were touched with pity to see a young and noble girl tortured and suffer courageously, and that day an unknown multitude confessed the faith of Jesus Christ.

Faith was just twelve years old at the time.

The children have learned that, ‘Even a child who makes the right choice can be an example for good’.
The children of St Faith’s School know the story of St Faith and remember her on the 6th October, her patronal feast day.

In celebration of St Faith’s Patronal Feast Day, our junior classes created a video retelling the life of St Faith.