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St Faith's CE School

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Design and Technology (D.T)

Design and Technology here at St Faith's offers a wide ranging set of engaging experiences and learning for all children and aims to develop the children's skills and knowledge about design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food.  We aim to inspire children and nurture their creativity, curiosity and innovation through the teaching of core skills and concepts: design, build, test, evaluate. 


We examine, discuss and evaluate the relationship between purpose, function and form, testing to see if what we have made is fit for purpose and exploring ways to amend and improve. Children learn to work with materials and problem-solve issues arounds joins or creating a greater level of stability or movement. Also, much of what we do involves collaborative projects, so as well as learning individual, technical skills to support our manipulation of materials, we are learning the value of team work and respect. 


Children experience the excitement of 'blue sky' thinking: "I wonder if..." and have the opportunity to work with a range of materials from wood, textiles, paper, sting, wire (amongst others) to test out ideas in a safe, controlled environment. This also supports their understanding of the world around them and enriches their experience of the world we live in and what is possible for the future. 

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