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Pupils are consistently improving their mathematical understanding of concepts. Teachers apply a consistent approach so that pupils have opportunities to complete fluency, problem-solving and reasoning activities.- OfSTED 2019

Curriculum Intent:

At St Faith’s, we follow the ‘Teaching for Mastery approach' which allows all children to develop a deep understanding of the new concepts being taught. 


The St Faith’s curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils will:


  • To develop a positive attitude towards mathematics.
  • To become confident and proficient with number and provide a curriculum to ensure that all children have a secure foundation of maths skills
  • To develop their problem solving and reasoning skills in order to develop a deeper understanding.
  • To develop their use of mathematical language.
  • To be able to make link between concepts and apply their knowledge to real life contexts.


Curriculum Implementation: 

We deliver our mastery curriculum using White Rose Maths resources, where every maths concept is broken down into small, connected steps, building on children’s prior knowledge. When learning a new concept, children will use the concrete- pictorial- abstract model:


Concrete: using hands on manipulatives (counters, cubes etc.) to introduce a concept

Pictorial: using pictures and drawings to represent the concept in a variety of ways

Abstract: understanding problems written in the form of calculations e.g. 4 x 4 = 12


Throughout maths lessons, children are constantly discussing what they are learning with their partners allowing them to explore and reason the concept, with peers, through their own choice of vocabulary. Each lesson has a 3-task structure where children will complete fluency, reasoning and problem-solving activities.  The fluency questions allow children to practise their basic understanding and skills within the learning and the reasoning and problem-solving tasks gives the children opportunities to explain their understanding and be given the chance to relate their learning to real life examples.  To ensure children are challenged, each lesson has a St Faith’s Challenge, which is used to deepen their learning further and ensure that more able children stay engaged.



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