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Music at St Faith’s is taught and celebrated during the weekly class lessons and during our whole school singing Worship on Wednesdays – as well as in our other Worship times. It is also an integral part of other school celebrations such as the Early Years Nativity and KS1 Nativity or the Year 6 Production and Graduation ceremony and the termly Class Worship. 


In addition, group lessons are offered through 'Let's Rock', a community focussed project which brings rock band lessons to local schools in Wandsworth. This gives children have the opportunity to be part of a band and try a range of instruments and vocalisations. As well as this, individual instrumental lessons are available upon request, where we have specialist, peripatetic teachers who visit the school for 1:1 or small group work.


A range of instruments are available throughout the school and we look for regular opportunities to utilise these, which the children really do enjoy! Music is also brought into other lessons, such as History, Maths and French, to help memorise key vocabulary or facts.


We seek to challenge our pupils both to be inspired and to inspire others with their music – to try out new ideas with interesting harmonies or rhythms. As part of the children's learning, they have started to learn Music Theory so that they can deepen their understanding and appreciation of Music and learn to use the vocabulary to explain their aspirations, reflections and experiences.


We have a specialist Choir for those who want to take their singing to the next level – specifically looking at more challenging pieces, both classical and contemporary from countries and cultures around the world. Choir regularly perform both in school during our Worship time and also at others celebrations at St Anne's church, at School Fairs and the local care home. 


In Year 3 and Year 4, we are fortunate enough to have Music specialists giving weekly lessons to teach the recorder (Year 3) and the trumpet (Year 4) and at the end of each term, parents and carers are invited in to the school to enjoy the children's learning and performance.


If you would like to know anything further about Music at St Faith’s please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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