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St Faith's CE School

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At St Faith's the aim of our Art lessons is to inspire children to have the confidence to work creatively - and importantly, to have the core skills to be able to do this. These core skills are taught progressively from Nursery to Year 6 and we aim that these will stay with the children throughout their education and into their lives as adults.


Children learn to represent wide ranging and various ideas about: themselves, the world around them today, the past, other cultures and their hopes for the future. They learn to do this in different formats from almost photo realistic representations to more abstract effects in 2D and 3D format. We appreciate, analyse and are inspired by other artists across history to build up an awareness of the impact of Art over time and as a meaningful part of our lives today. 


Children have the opportunity to work in our specialist Art Room with a range of resources from pencils, charcoals, pastels, inks, paint to clay and textiles. Our Art lessons have cross curricular links to what they learn in other subjects such as History, Geography, French, English or Music. This holistic approach enriches all of their learning experience and becomes more meaningful to them as they continue their educational journey.


We have specialist teachers, both in school and externally through Creative Wandsworth where the children's work has been exhibited publicly at Southside Shopping Centre. Our most recent project has been the Single Use Planet collaboration where children used plastic to represent ideas about how we can look after our environment.


We are very proud of our artwork here at St Faith's and hope you will be too. 

Art Curriculum Map of Skills and Progression

Pupils' work